Vet Assistant

App made for

  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary students
  • Veterinary assistants

Application contains

  • Various species wise blood values and other parameters in tabular form.
  • 500+ drug details.
  • 1800+ product info.
  • Quick reference on common diseases.
  • Various calculators and converters - weight, surface area, milli equivalent conversions, temperature, fluid rate, shock rate, pregnancy due date estimation, body weight calculation in cattle, blood transfusion calculator, constant rate infusion monitor
  • Add your own custom treatment protocols for disease.
  • Clinical diary for noting important case details.
  • Feed formulation in poultry
  • Notes on various veterinary subjects.

500+ drug dose information

  • Species wise dosage information.
  • Indications.
  • Contraindications.
  • Mechanism of action.
  • Available products.

Special features

  • One click calculator with prefilled dose and presentation. Just tap on the dose to open calculator.
  • Directly view product info by clicking on the product name. No need to navigate back and forth between dose screen and products screen.

1800+ product information

  • Composition.
  • Dosage.
  • Indications.
  • Brand.
  • Withdrawal period.

Special features

  • Category wise filter - 29 catergories available.
  • Brand filter - 42 brands available.
  • Search filter - can search for name, content, and use based on your preference.

Custom treatment protocols

  • Add your own protocols.
  • Multiple protocols can be added under the same disease.
  • Fixed and range doses are supported.
  • Get the drug amount required for multiple drugs by giving only the body weight. No need to calculate individual drug doses separately.

Exclusive feature

One tap dose calculator with prefixed presentations.

Simply tap on the dose to open the calculator


  • Species wise parameters in tabular form.
  • CBC values, serum values, blood gas, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, urine values.


Short notes on common diseases for quick reference.

Calculators and converters

  • Converters - weight, surface area, milli equivalent conversions.
  • Calculators - Fluid rate, shock rate, pregnancy date, USG gestational age, body weight in cattle, ARV schedule, blood transfusion.

CRI monitor

Add multiple cri infusions and monitor their status - fluid infused, time remaining, end time etc.

Clinical diary

  • Save your important case details.
  • Create multiple diaries.
  • Add cases - multiple case sheets can be added to individual cases.

Feed formulation in poultry

  • Create your own feed formulations - for poultry, duck and quail.
  • Remove the hassle of trial and error method.
  • Different categories of feeds and their requirements are available - layer, broiler,grower etc.

Other features

  • Vaccination schedule in different species.
  • Other notes on general clinical practice.
  • Subject wise notes - under development.


Custom protocols

Clinical diary

CRI demo